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                                                                  Dr. George Washington Carver

Dr. George Washington Carver's Legacy

Botanist, Scientist, Inventor, Teacher, Artist, Hero


George Washington Carver was born into slavery in Diamond Grove Missouri during the end of the Civil War. His owners were German immigrants, Moses and Susan Carver. After the death of young Carver's mother, Moses and Susan became Uncle Moses and Aunt Susan to young George and his brother.

As an child George had a helpful spirit around the house, but when he wasn't working he would take long walks  to explore the fields and woods on his way to the hidden private nursery where he would learn to care for his plants, and flowers. He soon became known in his community as a plant doctor at the age of ten. His spirit of resolve and passion for learning lead Dr. Carver to become one of the most prestigious scientists of his time.


Through soil chemistry Dr. Carver understood that growing the same crop was depleting the nutrients from the soil creating a low yield in cotton (the cash crop at the South). He introduced the concept and benefits to Southern farmers of crop rotation rather than mono cropping. He taught them that planting cotton one year and sweet potatoes, soy beans and  peanuts  the next year would replenish the soil and help them to get maximum yield from their crops. 

While the farmers loved the high yields from crop rotation, they ended up with a lot of peanuts, sweet potatoes and soybeans.

Dr. Carver went back to the lab to discover alternative uses for the peanut, sweet potato and soy bean. This lead him to discover and create over 300 products.


Carver also designed a mobile classroom to educate farmers. He named it the "Jesup wagon" after the New York financier and philanthropist Morris Ketchum Jesup, who provided funding to support the program.

Mr. James McGill,  #FarmsToGrow

Mr. James McGill: California

2nd Generation Pig Farmer and Vietnam Army Veteran.


Farms to Grow, Inc assisted Mr. McGill in applying for a $5000 grant through Farmer-Veteran Coalition sponsored by Newman’s Own Fellowship Program. With the funds from the grant, Mr. MrGill was able to purchase 25 pigs. We look forward to sharing more news about this 2nd generation California pig farmer. Mr. McGill's grandsons showed their own pigs at the County Fair in 2015.


R. Kelley Farms


R. Kelley Farms is a family owned farming operation in Sacramento CA. They have provided locally grown seasonal fresh and healthy fruits and vegetables for the past 20 plus years.


The farm specializes in growing black-eye, purple hull, and crowder peas, green beans, speckled butter beans, cranberry beans,  tomatoes, okra, sweet corn, peppers, onions, eggplant, squash, cucumbers, potatoes, collard greens, mustard greens and several types of sweet melons.

Mr. Will Scott Jr.,#FarmsToGrow

Read more about Mr. McGill and donate to his Go Fund Me campaign today! 

Scott Family Farms, Fresno, CA