Co-founded by Dr. Gail P. Myers and Gordon Reed in 2004


FARMS TO GROW, INC is a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to working with Black farmers and underserved sustainable farmers around the country. Farms To Grow, Inc. is committed to sustainable farming and innovative agriculture practices which preserve the cultural and biological diversity, the agroecological balance of the local environment.


Farms To Grow, Inc. aims to increase the capacity of underserved farmers to keep their farm operations and establish farming as a viable career for future generations. Underserved farmers may include Native American, Hispanic, other minority groups, women, the physically challenged and limited access organic farmers.


Our mission is to assist African American farmers and other under-served farmers/gardeners maintain and create sustainable farms and spaces to grow food and motivate the next generation of farmers to grow sustainably and with the community in mind.







We Are Farms to Grow, Inc

Theresa Starks, Board President 

Etecia Brown 

Majeedah, Mia, Dr Gail

Volunteers Majeedah and Mia

Gordon Reed & Dr Gail Myers

Dr. Gail P. Myers, Co-founder


Special thanks to all the Black Farmers who laid the agricultural and community foundations we build upon today. 


And all of you that have contributed to keeping the legacy and tradition of the Black farming lifestyle alive.


Dr. Gail, Iyalode Kinney, and Elaine Smith with interns Jazzy Johnson, Cheyanne Harris, and Danielle Smith at CURME Farm.

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