Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Program

 Freshly harvested produce grown by socially disadvantaged sustainable farmers

Our CSA program is a way for consumers to buy seasonal produce at the peak of ripeness direct from the farmer. After prepaying for a produce Harvest Bag, you will become a Subscriber of our CSA Program. As a Subscriber you are purchasing a share of the farmers crop in advance to support the growing season and investing in your health.

2nd Saturdays -July - December 2020

What's in the Bag?

Two bunches of leafy greens

8 to 10 additional seasonal produce items.

One Value Added product (variety of items when available: jam, jelly, marmalade, pickled items, granola, kale chips, cookies, and cakes)



Harvest Bag - $30.00

All In for the Year -$180.00 (6 subscriptions)

Team Up donations $5 and up (feeding the homeless and food desert communities)

Bonus Giving

Within the program we ask each farmer to donate 10% of their crops and we have partnered will food truck owners and chefs to prepare healthy meals to feed the homeless and low income families in food desert communities.

Team up with us by making at least a $5 donation to go towards gas stipends, food containers and water. 

Pick Up Location

5316 Telegraph Ave, Oakland

Do you want to your site to be a pick up location?



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PO Box 10504 Oakland, CA 94610

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