Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Harvest Box Program

 Freshly harvested produce grown by under-served sustainable farmers

Our CSA program is a way for consumers to buy seasonal produce at the peak of ripeness direct from the farmer. After prepaying for a produce Harvest Box you become a Subscriber of our CSA Harvest Box Program. As a Subscriber you are purchasing a share of the farmers crop in advance to support the growing season and investing in your health.

CSA Harvest Boxes Oakland

What's in the Box?


$10.00 Harvest Box

Box includes one bunch of leafy greens plus 4 to 5 additional produce items.

Delivery option for $25.00 HB ONLY!

($1.00 per mile)


$25.00 Harvest Box

Box includes two bunches of leafy greens plus 8 to10 additional seasonal produce items.

Special thank you to our community partners. We had a fantastic 2017 Season!

No Harvest Box this season! Questions email us at

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